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Cleaning and Disinfecting of Gym

We are helping Denver Area Gyms, stay safe, clean and virus free; using an environmental cleaning treatment of gyms and workout studios using an EPA registered Disinfectant.

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Your Commercial Cleaning Experts in Denver.

Dynamic Restoration uses both a priority viral disinfecting system and a nontoxic hard and soft cleaner. Our Commercial cleaning experts provide in-depth cleaning of gyms in the greater Denver area. We ensure that all of your equipment, weights, mats, floors, and locker rooms are clean a free of germs.  

Non-Toxic Kid Friendly Cleaning Products

We use a proprietary essential oil active ingredients cleaner instead of using traditional synthetic chemicals.

Kills Over 99.99%

Our hard surface disinfectant wipes registered with the Environmental Protection Agency and have the antimicrobial efficacy to kill over 99.99%

A Healthier Clean for Student Environment

The hospital-grade disinfectant is not only highly effective but environmentally certified, keeping your members safe and allow them to keep working out.

Hard Surface Cleaning

To address your high traffic and high touch areas we use Benfect® Decon 30 a proprietary essential oil Active Ingredient that is safer using traditional synthetic chemicals well still providing hospital-level disinfection.

Carpet and Flooring Cleaning

Bacteria and Viruses can be found hiding on your gym floor surfaces.

Aerosolizing Treatment

Despite thorough, hard surface cleaning, aerosolizing your gym environment fights airborne contaminants and increases air quality. It’s dispersion through the common spaces is critical in reaching hard-to-clean, overlooked areas to provide a consistent, blanketed cleaning approach and is an efficient method to use when needing to address large spaces. 

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Locker Rooms

Locker Rooms

It is important to not just focus on the gym floor we need to also ensure that the locker rooms and bathrooms are cleaned and disinfected as the rest of the gym. The cleaning experts at Dynamic have the right tools, and environmentally friendly cleaning products to help everyone stay safe well working out.  

Why Trust Dynamic Restoration?

When you are looking to provide a safe environment to practice yoga you need to partner with a company that has a proven track record of keeping families safe. We are trained, certified, licensed, and insurance with over a decade of experience in cleaning contaminate areas such as sewage losses and biohazard conditions. Our dedicated cleaning and restoration team works diligently to ensure that your yoga school is clean completely and as often as needed.  Let us help you combat viruses and bacteria so you will have a CLEAN. SAFE. GYM ENVIRONMENT.